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Cam Oil Links

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On a lot of modded aircooled Suzukis I see they have extra oil lines running between two points on each side of the head that are blocked on the stock bike (I think one is the fairing mount for GSXRs). Some just link the two points, but some actually seem to have a feed from the oil pump behind the cyls I've even seen some that had an extra oil cooler before the head. I've heard vauge references that these "link the oil channels for the cams" or similar stuff, but I've also never heard anyone say that this was an important mod. Do people just do it because it looks cool? Does it improve cam lubrication for high-lift cams or for bike that spend a lot of time doing wheelies or stoppies? None of the catalogs that list them seem to explain what they're for (or at least what they do). What's the deal?


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yeah, that's to get some extra oil to the heads. the early bikes tended to pit their cams, and the upper oiling kit was one solution.
i believe ape sells the kits.

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the early gsxr's had poor oil pressure when under load...the best kits feed of the cam cover and to the cam bolts...yoshimura has a trick to mod the cam cover also to improve oil pressure ..more the better ...if you need pictures I can email them to you ..thanks
yep, pics please!
xromo at yahoo dot com
Chris, if you have good pics, post them up here please. Thanks. Troy341
going to pull of my cam cover off the race bike to show you guys ...will do it with in 24hrs
I'd like to see this mod also chris. Are you just going to post or send numerous emails. Seems to be pretty popular request!!
Did anyone ever get these pictures? I just bought a earl's top end oiling kit. Didn't know what it looked like. Now I have it and it appears to only feed cylinders 3 and 4. Cylinders 1 and 2 just get a line that ties the two rocker shaft passages together. I'm kind of dissapointed. So if there is another way to get more oil to the cams I was hoping someone could help me out?
Please Post Those Pics Chris. Thanks.
would anyone who knows what these mods look like please just put some pics online here ?
Have a look on OSS, there r some properly done ones on there. The Cam 2 cam links effectively do nothing and r just bling from what I've read - they do look cool tho'

In fact our very own UK Lee can tell us all about them and the best way to improve top end oiling. Here's some stuff.
I guess Chris meant 24 months....again, totally unreliable:mad
Thanks for the links Mark.........some good info there !
Does anyone have any idea what the mod to the valve cover was that [email protected] was talking about?
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