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cam chain question

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How can you tell if your tensioner is about to shit itself? I hear people talk about cam chain noise, but i have no idea what this sounds like.:confused

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Its a horrible rattling noise.
The tensioners usually show signs of wear on the ratchett inside them. If you have a couple of teeth looking quite rounded then it needs a change.
Also quite common is for the pin holding the bucket on to come loose or out completely. To check any of these things requires removing the tensioner.
ive found its a more noticible clacking sound at low rpms (around idle-2k rpms). you could also pull the valve cover to check the slack on the cam chain buts thats a little involved. if it is shot get a manual one from ape and just keep an eye on it.
thanx ya'll!!

Where's the best palce to get an APE MCCT?
from ape. i believe their a site sponsor
better off to get the ape tensioner its alot better.
Ditto everytthing Tim said. Also - if you have the stocker out, try compressing it by hand (without changing the 'click' it was in when you removed it). You should be able to apply as much pressure as you can by hand without it collapsing. As for the sound, ditto what the other guys said. It's often heard only, or more prominently, on decel, and more when the bike's warm rather than cold (excess valve lash is the opposite - it usually improves with heat as components expand).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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