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trickyrickyrican said:

Hey guy, I would love a chance to go to ride at the Mugello and/or Imola tracks. Could you give me more info on how to go about that? I'm going up there for the GP; Are going too?

Thank you
Hey Rick, don't know if I can get to the GP, depends on work
, I trying to find some tracks that aren't gonna cost big $$$. Some guys round here go over to Yugoslavia, where you can ride all day for about 50 euros
........I'll try and get some more track info. When I know something I'll PM u

Almost forgot u know there's gonna be a big Suzuki Fest at Misano this year, you gotta get there. I went to the Yamaha Fest last year it was f**king fantastic. When I got the dates I'll let u know

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Yes, please find all you can and let me know, I'm almost always up for a road trip. I wouldn't mind the prices of tracks like Mugello and others, just on account of being there at a world class track. At least once.

My bosses are not too keen on us taking a lot of holidays, but it's negotiable.
I'm very interested in that SuzukiFest thing, I'm assuming that vendors go there, bike show, etc.?

I'll be staying in Tuscany, there's room for more if you desire. Myself and wife, plus another couple so far, maybe a friend from Sicily.

We'll see, with any luck
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