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2007 GSXR600
Ok so a little background. I bought this bike from a friend of a friend a month ago in Arkansas(I live in texas). Got a uhaul for it(wanted a pickup but they gave me a 20 ft. It was raining bad and I didn't wanna crash) Dropped the bike off the ramp getting in the the back of the uhaul. The drop did some cosmetic damage, replaced the fairings, replaced the handle bars and grips, got new mirrors, replaced the pull cable. And painted the fairings.

Got it finished and realized the bike was bogging at 8k rpm, did some research and found out it could be the fuel pressure regulator, replaced that along with the full pump. After getting it on the bike, it wouldn't start. Had the battery tested, and charged. So I figured it was the starter so I replaced that, then the battery cable shorted out and melted so the bike still didn't start🤦🏽‍♂️.

Today I replaced the battery cable and the bike still didn't start. Put the bike in dealer mode and got a c28 code, realized that the STVA wasn't plugged up, so I plugged it in and that code went away but then the c29 code popped up.
Tested the stp connector (the one attached to the ECM) and couldn't get a read out of it(I also don't really know how to work my volt meter so that doesn't help) gave up because it got dark.

Does anyone know what the problem may be so I know where to start looking tomorrow. This is my only bike and I'd love to get back to riding.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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