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Id like to thank everyone that has posted helpful tips on here. I have searched everywhere trying to shed some light on my problem.

1st was my fault playing around I stuffed my STVA motor after seeing price of replacement i repaired it seem to work ok but couldn't clear code
Followed workshop manual diagnosis step by step nothing was faulted
Found set on ebay when they arrived i performed all checks all good
installed and adjusted sensor code still showing
I thought maybe when i was checking wiring I may have damaged ecu so ordered another one, the only thing is my bike is Australian and the ecu i bought is US.
Now here is the problem not only have I still got the c29 code I now have a c42 code and the bike wont start.
Without being called a thief or getting abused for trying to bypass immobilizer is there a way of retaining immobilizer or should i put an aftermarket one on and bypass the factory one?
Im tearing my hair out with the STVA code it runs good but I dont have all the functions of the dash and its bugging the hell out of me if anyone has a problem like this I would love to know what else I could check?
Im not sure if this makes a difference but i have a Woolich log box pro and wideband o2 sensor fitted but the problem was there after I had it up and running.
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