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C28 STVA problems 600 k3

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Hi. I recently purchased this gsxr 600 k3 with the FI light on and a C28 error code showing when in dealermode. When i opened up to see whats under the tank i found theres a problem with the STVA, which there should be according to the code. Theres also a beeping/squeeking sound. Ive been googling the problem, but without finding anything thats fully applicable to my problem.

I filmed the STV while starting up:

I grately appreciate any thoughts shared on the matter.
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Hey! thanks for the reply. I see. Any suggestions for what i should do with the problem? any point in buying a new STVA for example? what about removing the valves?
Yes remove the secondary butterflies. If I remember correctly they font sell parts separately. Choice is to get new or used throttle body. Removing the secondary butterflies can make a few more HP top end but may produce a small flat spot on the bottom end. If you have a tuner I suggest cleaning the fuel map up after removal.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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