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c28 code, not revving past 9k from 3 to 6th gear not passing 120 mph.

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my 05 gsxr 600 is having trouble with the STVA, jump wired it threw c28 code. to fix this do i just buy a used working STVA on eBay or try to re weld the little pins on the current STVA??? help!!!! second bike so I'm new into bikes.
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You paid $225 too much.
15 are the throttle position sensors. The one to the left is the secondary, the one to the right is the primary.

Broken pins that need re-welded? Sounds like you've been watching the youtube videos of people who need their tools taken away. :D
With respect to the dash position (_C00). It should NEVER read low. Usually this is because someone improperly adjusted the TPS or they've turned the idle down from the spec. To adjust the TPS, the bike needs to be fully warmed up, and idling at the prescribed speed (1300-1400 rpm on a 600).
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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