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c28 code, not revving past 9k from 3 to 6th gear not passing 120 mph.

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my 05 gsxr 600 is having trouble with the STVA, jump wired it threw c28 code. to fix this do i just buy a used working STVA on eBay or try to re weld the little pins on the current STVA??? help!!!! second bike so I'm new into bikes.
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i havent done anything right now. im not sure if i should buy the whole STVA piece off ebay or just try to reweld the pins. that's my question. What should i do?

ths is the link to the STVA on Ebay
No one knows your skill level. Only you do.

It's been about 5 years since I repaired mine,so have forgotten most of what's involved.
Taking it apart is easy, putting it back together is fiddly. You will need to drill out the rivets
and repair the soldering inside, then reassemble with small(M3?) screws.

It would be good if you have some previous experience soldering on circuit boards and what
to look out for. For example, loose pads and broken traces.

And don't loosen the Sensor. That's set from the factory.

You will need basic hand tools, soldering iron, battery drill/drills etc and preferably a
copy of the workshop manual.

You should find plenty of info on this site and perhaps even youtube on how to do the repair.
But if you're not feeling confident, then perhaps just buy a replacement or get someone with
more experience to help you.

NB. "Man... those things are expensive".
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