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Hi everybody!

I've got a burning question on my mind. I'd like to buy a used CBR900RR, year 95, 28.000km for 4000€ (approx 4000 US$).

Take a look at the bike under:

Now some people from the Honda forum told me that it looks like the bike has a frame from the SC28 model (year 95) and the bodyworks from the SC33 model (year 96). So it might be a wrecked bike which was rebuild.

My question is:
How can I find out if the bike was wrecked ?
Are there any special tips how to check a bike?
What should I ask the owner when pinpointing at the frame/bodywork question ?
Why should a wrecked bike be rebuild with the bodywork from a newer model?

Please help me!
By the way: I won't sell my gixxer. I just like to have a CBR900RR to complete my motorcycle collection.

See ya!
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