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Buying 1987 1100H in UK

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After getting fed up with the aggressive angles of new bikes, I have started hankering after an original GSXR1100H or 750 of the same era.

Whats the deal with imports for the old GSXR's ? Are a high percentage of them imported ? What should I look out for ?

750 or 1100
I see quite a few of the old 750's for sale, but not too many 1100's, do they share the same frame with a different engine ?

Whats the deal with spares for these bikes in the UK ?

Any other things I should look out for in particular for these bikes ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, Welcome to the forum.
First Question:- were are you? there are lots of good people here that can help you but they need some details from you.
750 and 1100 have differant frame but I have read (on here) that any oil cooled motor will fit in to any oil cooler frame (including the bandit engines).
Spare parts are avilable world wide thanks to the www, ebay is good as well as the sponsers on this site.

One thing you must remember is you are looking at a bike that is nearly 20 years old, if you can't work on it yourself you'll need a good mechanic and they are hard to find plus expensive.

good luck, Pete.
Karitane Pete said:
Hi, Welcome to the forum.
First Question:- were are you?
good luck, Pete.
I am based in Norfolk, UK. I am looking to find someone nearby who may have an 1100 or a 750 who I can talk to. The last thing I want to do is buy a lemon... !
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