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Hi there!
I bought a used Busa 2008 and I have a problem with a clutch slippage.
When hot,I have to stop,let the pressure out by the nipple then it’s good to go for 1/2 hour then I have to do it again.
The oil has been changed with motorcycle oil, master cylinder replaced with no air in the system.
Help please!!

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When you say nipple, I assume you mean the bleeder on the clutch? If so, that means your clutch master cylinder is either plugged or not returning fully. Either one can prevent the expanding fluid to return the reservoir. Based on age, it could be either, but start with movement. If you have aftermarket levers on the bike, the cheap ones are notorious for causing issues like this. If you do, take the pivot bolt out. Then try to put it back in and watch the rod. Do you have to push the rod in at all to get the pivot bolt back in?
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