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Burned out Rectifier single connection? Plug help

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Hi fellas, have attached an image or two.

GSXR k7 600 rectifier (looks to be elektrex) has finally burnt out, or by the looks of it a single connector, can I get an opinion whether I could strip the wires from the plug and salvage everything? Does anyone know where I can find a connector like that?

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We need better pics of your connectors that show the latch and shell details. Is this yours? Look carefully, for example, are the two lower contacts wider than the top three that run to the stator?

The biggest problem with this connector is that it isn't sealed, which invites corrosion and contact failure. Crimped connections are claimed to be as good as soldered. But that assumes that you have the correct crimping tools, which can cost hundreds of dollars. If you're going to replace both sides you might consider upgrading to a better connector.

BTW, I have a K4 600 service manual that shows a five lead R/R connector. But my K6 750 manual shows a four lead connector to the main harness and a separate three lead connector to the stator, the same as my K6 1000. This suggests that yours should be the same.
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I continue to question a 5 pin connector on a K7 600. As best I can tell, the parts fiche indicates that it was used through K5. Then they switched to a 3 pin plus a 4 pin connector. Something's not right.

The pics that I posted above were from AliExpress. I realize now that the black male connector is part of the R/R and not sold separately. See this and this. Furthermore I didn't go through all the listings but, of those I did, every seller of the female connector sells it with attached leads. Go figure. The only seller of the female terminal with uncrimped terminals that I could find is Cycle Terminal (about 2/3 of the way down). You could try it but there's a good chance that it will fail again unless you can somehow replace the male terminals. You could also ask him if he knows where to get the male connector.

The male connector does exist. See this from ten years ago. I'm unimpressed that he didn't list his source or part numbers. I have a 2009 Sumitomo connector catalog and neither connector is in it. A 5 pin connector is unusual and a mix of .250" and .312" (.305?) contacts is very unusual. Maybe it's by Yazaki or Furukawa.
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The parts fiche says that the K7 600 R/R looks like this:

So either someone has replaced the OEM R/R with a Honda part or you don't have a K7 600. Given where you're currently at, I'd be inclined to buy the Electrex part and the female connector that Cycle Terminal sells. However I got onto the Electrex website. A search didn't find the AC7569 but there were several that might work and are sold with the R/R and mating connector/terminals. Perhaps one of them will work. See this and the following page. The one that you found might be this.
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