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BSully's 1990 GSXR Slow Build Thread

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Hey guys, I wanted to start a thread to show my build progress. First off let me say that I encourage all you to post all of your thoughts/ideas/problems etc.

OK, let's start with some pics of the bike I will be restoring:

To start everything mechanically and electrically is in good working condition. I will start this process by removing the plastics and giving her a good detailing. The some basically maintenence work. Next some upgrades and finally paint/body. (Although I may have the paint done while I am still doing my other items.) I was also thinking of changing the paint to match the 88 style I know this might seem like an odd thing to do, but I really like that style a lot better. (Thoughts?)

While I was looking for my project bike I picked up this "donor" bike. Not sure exactly what I am going to use from this bike yet. I would like to use the Wheels, the usd forks and the possibly the 95 swingarm. Here are the pics:

So for now I guess I will open this up for anyone's thoughts or reccommendations?
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wow the donor bike is stunning - if they were mine - id do up the donor bike - or bolt all the body to the other - them wheels are stunning too
I think you should trade me the wheels off the red on and I'll send you some chrome ones off my 1100:biggrin

Now.... build them both.... that's what I'd do (after taking the wheels off the red one)!
id definately use the single seat off the red one and put on the blue - i love the look of that endurance front that would be on the blue one and id swap the wheels round too - thats where id start, deffintely be using them parts though and the swinger and usd's as you mentioned - as for paint id be looking for a special theme for it but not sure what
Well, keep the wheels, and dump the swingarm. The arm might look nice but offers nothing in the way of performance. The 90 am is both strong and light, the nanner arm is strong and heavy. If you were to keep the 90 bodywork the way it is, and then have the 88 bodywork done up nice, you would have 2 good sets of bodywork and that is always a good thing. Keep the 90 forks and sellt he USD's, they will bring you a few dollars, and the 90 forks are actually veru good forks. Punch the idiot that removed one of the front brake rotors case he was stupid and deserves it. I like the number plate in front, so keep that, but paint it white.
long, that's good to know about the swings! I may not change it out, but I really want/need the usd forks! Can I keep em, please? I promise to ride it more....I am def keeping the number plate and solo seat from the 89. I don't think keeping an extra set of body work is going to be an option at this point and the 89 bodywork is pretty bad. And if I can find the guy the removed the rotor and caliper I will punch him for both of us, what an idiot! I can't believe anyone actually rode it like that....
Okay, you can keep the USD's. But if you get rid of the 90 forks and front fender, let me know.
Do it up with the endurance number plate and the Performance Machine wheels off the 88. The paint I'd do would be a tribute to either the Yoshimura superbikes of Jamie James and Scott Russell or the Vance and Hines Suzuki's of that period.Number plates on the tail and the whole nine yards.Do some custom L.E.D. lights as a way to hide the turn siganls in the tail light or another spot on/in the bodywork or undertail area.The front turn signals I'd hide under the cowling or do something with L.E.D.'s there to hide them as well.This way it would look like a full on race bike you're riding on the street.The paint job,of course,would be appreciated by all the old school guys who know where the paint schemes came from.That's just my two cents.:punk
Sweet, thanks long....I'll probably keep the 90 forks though, just in case someone down the line wants them.

2fat2fly - I really like your ideas but do you think that will bring the value down? That's biggest reason I was thinking of keeping the 90 graphics. (I would love to change them but I don't my bike to be worth less if I ever decide to sell it.) Most likely will not be selling this one though.
If you're not selling resale value really is irrelevant.If your 90 bodywork is in too good of shape to do this with then put it up and watch ebay or other places to piece together what you want.Or take your 88 bodywork to a reputable painter and see if they can fix it and what they'll charge.You'd be amazed at the stuff a really good bodyman/painter can fix.If you were in Ohio I'd introduce you to my painter.He does everything in his garage at home.He's actually an aircraft mechanic and paints on the side.The stuff is show quality.He's fixed some really ugly stuff for me in the past.I'm sure you've got guys like that around you.Use the 88 bodywork for the custom paint job and save the 90 bodywork for the "if I ever sell" scenario.
OK, how about this scenerio...I do the 90 plastics stock (first), then pick up some Airtech's to a replica or theme version. Man I need to get to work!
OK, how about this scenerio...I do the 90 plastics stock (first), then pick up some Airtech's to a replica or theme version. Man I need to get to work!
That sounds like a winner to me.You also can't forget other paint jobs that you might want to consider.Like Team Valvoline Emgo Suzuki and of course the Lockhart-Phillips endurance racers of the period.Aftermarket bodywork screams for the Kevin Schwantz Pepsi Suzuki or the Lucky Strike Suzuki paint scheme.Good luck with the project.
OK, how about this scenerio...I do the 90 plastics stock (first), then pick up some Airtech's to a replica or theme version. Man I need to get to work!
This was why I suggested to keep both sets of bodywork. Stock bodywork will always be better than AirTech unless you plan to take it to the track. There are others out there that make bodywork for second gens as well, I think Sharkskinz in one of them - but even they won't have the fit and finish of stock. If you want to do one custom and one stock, I would have the 90 bodywork done up stock, and save the 88 bodywork for custom. Inevitabley, you will end up spending more on aftermarket plastics than you will get out of the sale of the stock 88 stuff anyway, unless you buy used glass, which will likely require more work, and, more money.
Sweet, thanks long....I'll probably keep the 90 forks though, just in case someone down the line wants them.
Not a bad idea really. Especially if you decide to go with stock 90 paint and bodywork. The other stuff, if kept, will allow you to sell it as a stock bike which will probably net a higher return. Then sell the hot rod separately, also getting the most profit for it.

That would also explain why I have a garage full of spare and aftermarket parts.
Well my biggest problem with savind all of these parts is space, I just don't have it. I can find some room for couple items but probably not everything. What a pain. I really want to get some of my original investment back too.
Ill hold on to them for ya.. no charge! haha....
both bikes appear to be owned by knowledgeable enthusiasts. if you are willing to spend the money, then go forth with your ideas.

it all depends on what type of bike you want: original, performance, or custom. regardless, that red bike is too nice to be parted out. swap whatever parts you want, but it will be worth more money if it is running.
It's not running now and I don't want to spend the time/money to get it going. I only want 1 bike. So, it's either going to a new home in a couple pieces or to various new homes in lots of little pieces.
I have to stop looking at these bikes, the more I see these bikes the more I want one, or two.... man these bikes are purdy... I think if I ever picked up one of these bikes for a good deal, , even if it was missing all the fairings, it would never be a donor bike.. I would take my time and put it back to oem the best I could.
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