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Brand new M2R 1 piece race suit

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well i bought this Track suit online and ran into a financial crisis and i must sell it. it is brand new and as you can see from the pictures that the tags are still attached to the suit. i tried it on but never took it outside the house.

the suit is a Made 2 Race (M2R for short) brand featured in sport rider and cycle world. two piece missile suit. colors are black/grey/white. the size on the suit is a XXL and i have come to find that actual size is a little smaller than that. here are my dimensions for comparison.

Ht: 6'1-6'2
Wt: 210
waist: 36

I bought the suit for 450 plus shipping and i tried to return it to the place i got it from but they will charge me a 10% restocking fee to take it back which would be a 45 dollar hit plus the shipping fees i have to pay to get it back to them.

so i will sell this suit for 400 plus shipping. i would be taking a hit for some money but i would be loosing it anyways and would rather make it so somebody can get a suit on this site to protect themselves out there.

The suit fit me pretty good just a little tight on the jacket so if you are my size and are loosing weight or a little lighter than me this suit will fit you perfect. you can also be a touch shorter and the suit will fit you great as well. here is a picture of the suit. you cant see it but it also has speed hump on the back of the jacket which in my experience with other jackes with them helps alot to ease neck strain when riding.

Ride safe and feel free to ask me any questions.

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