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Waste. Buy brand name pads.

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sintered are good but expect a lot more bite and they are harder on a rotor and you cannot turn rotors,

you can however take them apart so the disk is separated and hit them on a 2' x 2' sequence of stones

I have heard of guys making a makeshift grinding pad, you need a real flat surface around 2' X 2', scratch that not real flat you need a perfectly flat

then take sticky back sand paper and start at around oh 220? work up to around 1500 or so, yo want a little bite so the pads seat/bed, if its mirror they will just heat up and not bed in properly so yea about 1200 prolly good and you want to cross hatch sand it using figure 8 motions..

these are for a more aggressive style of riding and if they get hot as in race hot you will feel them grinding into the rotor, they have copper embedded in them

if you want a stock feel but slightly aggressive..

a good semi aggressive pad for me are pads that have good wear, non heat sensitive, and good initial bite with real good feedback EBS Dual Carbon for me fits that bill without tearing up the rotor with the embedded metals when you are railing and getting the brakes a good workout, why double sintered can never fade, there is metal in em and that metal bites when its hot unlike ceramic, plain old fiber or even carbon if its like land speed braking hard off 269 mph, that tends to heat any pad and rotor up.. prolly why they use parachutes at times..

I like the Sintered but they will fade on a Hayabusa with track use but not a lot, depends, I just don't like how they wear on Busa rotors, man, they can tear up a rotor, for normal street use no problems, busa is so heavy it goes through brakes anyway

but yea a dual carbon I think works good for me, $90 or so, worth it as they behave the same in the wet

for me it goes

1. sintered
2. dual carbon
3. dual sintered

spose that's backasswards, sheesh lol

its the best are dual sintered, then dual carbon is 2nd best and then plain old sintered is 3rd best for me

srry man
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