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Work was performed on an 07 750.

Tools Needed:

- 3/8" ratchet
- 8mm socket
- 8mm wrench
- Philips screwdriver
- DOT4 Brake Fluid
- Clear fish tank hose
- Empty container

-Teflon tape
-MityVac Pump or Syringe

Front Brakes:

Moto_Joe suggests using teflon tape on the threads of the bleeders, I don't think it is necessary with my technique, but it doesn't hurt. I added a picture of doing it for those interested.

First start by getting all the fluid out of the brake reservoir. I've noticed in cars (and it likely applies to bikes) that the dirty fluid tends to congregate here. No sense in running dirty fluid through the system. I used the mityvac to get all the fluid out.

Then flush the master cylinder to get all the dirty fluid out of it. To do so, fill the reservoir with clean fluid, attach a hose to the bleeder screw, and place the hose in a bottle of some sort. Here was my setup:

Open the bleeder, slowly push the brake lever (maybe 2 seconds for full squeeze), fluid will fill the hose, then shut the bleeder. Their is no reason to hammer down on the screw, snug is good enough. On the last few squeezes, actually close the bleeder while squeezing the brake pedal to ensure no air gets in.

Moving to the calipers, do the same process for an entire reservoir full, to each caliper. Here was the setup down there:

Finish by running another reservoir through the master cylinder. Here is a before and after of the fluid color.

Rear Brake:

Remove the rear reservoir, its an 8mm bolt.

Their is not a rear master cylinder bleeder, so empty the reservoir, fill it and start flushing the rear with the caliper bleeder. My rear brake fluid was dirty, maybe due to not using it often? Anyway, I ran 8 or so reservoir fulls through it to get it clean. Here are before and after pictures of the fluid.

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