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Likes to race old junk.
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I saw this over at Bangshift, and thought it worthy to share.
Nick Ziter Photography GoPro video from 2018 Speed Week.
Not much bike content, but lots of variety.
Kind of artsy, a little trippy, turn up your speakers.

The current salt conditions are poor, the salt surface is still too thin. However, what salt is there, is relatively dry and smooth at the moment. Last year was too bumpy, and previous years were rained out.

So it would be prudent to take advantage of what is there right now, and go make a few runs.
I'm scrambling to do some repairs and modifications to the race trailer, and I'm about to wake the Double up, it's been sitting idle, while the body got repaired and painted, and a long list of modifications as well. The World Finals are Oct. 2nd-5th.
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