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Old ass thread is old.

Basic jist is you're trying to match revs.

Since downshifting raises the rpm by 1000+/- rpm in the next gear, you need to raise the engine speed to downshift and allow the engine to catch up.... some is done with blipping and some is done with clutch modulation.

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Looks like website is on maintenance, most of the links are broken. Should be back in action in a day or two.

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I've looked at many threads already but for some reason I just haven't gotten the hang of blipping downshifts yet. Perhaps reverse image search email checker port checker my technique is off?

So if I have this right, I should simultaneously (if not, then what order?):

1. Pull in clutch lever
2. Downshift
3. "Blip" the throttle to about 1-1.5k RPM higher

And then

4. Release the clutch lever.

Is this right?

As far as what "blipping" actually means and the timing of the clutch lever release, should I:

A. quickly increase the throttle 1-1.5k RPM, release/return the throttle back down, and THEN release the clutch lever as the throttle has already begun going down.


B. quickly increase the throttle 1-1.5k RPM, and THEN release the clutch lever at the height of the throttle raise essentially beginning the return of the throttle while in gear.


I thought the correct method was A but I feel incredibly slow or my timing is off compared to some videos I've seen which actually looks like maybe its method B.

It just takes time to get used to it. Its hard to explain, but you kind of put enough pressure on the brake lever to pull it in to the desired braking capacity, yet softly enough to allow your fingers on the brake lever to "slide" while you blip the throttle.
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