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If I were you all I would not use Bikes 2NV in OH for chrome, they do piss poor work!! I sent off a sprocket carrier for my '00 750 it cam back half done. The recessed area between the spokes around the bearing (not the bearing hole) was not even polished or smoothed out. I called and spoke with the rather rude receptionist, here is how it went. I said, "I am completely dissatisfied with the part I just received in the mail." She asked, "whats wrong". I said, "Its only half done". At which point she has the nerve to say, "You know you would get alot farther if you would be nice, Im not trying to be an ass." To which I said, "Well Im not the one cursing." So after she put me on hold for five minutes she gets back on and says, "someone will have to call you back later." I said, "what is their name and when will they be calling." She says, "we have 3 people here that might call and they will do that later."

WOW a shitty chrome job and pleasant people to deal with what a treat!! So some Joe Shmoe calls back and says, "We are just the middle man and that is how we get them back from the chrome shop, its very hard to poilish in that area." So essentially thats it I had to pay $85 for a shit job and basically deal with it.

I am just saying if you want a quality detailed job, and a pleasant staff to deal with DO NOT use Bikes 2NV. I sent the part back out to Chrome Pros Plating in TX who did my wheels and actually has a beautiful full chromed sprocket carrier on their webpage. I did not send it to them in the 1st place because the turn around was 4 weeks. Now I'll wait and get something that won't look like shit on an otherwise perfect bike.


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