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Bike stalling after startup

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When my bike is cold and I start it, it starts fine. Then about 15 seconds later when you can normally hear the bike drop the rpms and start 'struggling' for a bit before settling - mine stalls, and the FI light comes on. I don't know if the light is just coming on cuz the bike is off or there's a code.

Idle too low? Any ideas anyone.
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set. was the first sign of mine acting up...ditch it
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Already gone brotha.. i'm wondering if the valve spring is screwing up. I accidentally pulled everything off to try and pull the butterfly out of the pipe but you can't. So I had to figure out how to get that spring loaded thing back together.. maybe it's not back on right. Shat. Thanks, i'll check it

But yea, servo and cables are gone..
if the light comes on after the engine dies it is because you don't have oil pressure anymore. So I would not worry about that. You can always check the codes. Find the 6pin harness under the seat and jump the 2 right pins as you are looking at it (top and bottom right pins) and turn the key on will display the code.
My guess is low idle though assuming everything else is stock.
Not sure about the SET, that is closed at idle anyway.....I think !
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