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Bike Bogging Problems

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Hi there, recently bought a 97 600 SRAD. The bikes very clean and doesnt really have any issues except one niggly thing. The guy I got it from says he kept it at 6000 revs as if it was below that it would bog down if trying to give it a good bit of throttle.

I tried to find other similar posts but couldn't see any the same.

It isn't really a massive issue but would prefer to resolve it if I could. Does anyone have any ideas or even a link to another post? Thanks for any help.
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Great thanks for your help. Today when I was coming home from work it started chugging at low revs and needed high revs to get the bike moving otherwise it would stall.

I managed to drive it back home and turned it off. I then tried to restart it so I could hear it with my helmet etc off and it wouldn't start. Is this likely a carb issue making the mixture too rich?
Thats a great reply thank you very much for your help, I was advised by someone I know to check the exhausts to see if carb balancing was good. I found that they were well out of sync just by feeling for heat. I've took the fairings off and this weekend ill be doing a full service.

Got new oil, oem filters and a carb repair kit so I'm going to give it a big service and strip the carb down and clean it out and try and set it to the haynes manuals description. Ill see how it runs from there. The guy who I got it from had bought it from a dealer in May and they said they had done everything but we know what dealers garages can be like...

A few niggle bits to sort here and there but hopefully will have a bit of an update by the weekend.

Monolith, found that there was a K&N filter in the bike. Got an oem paper on its way to me now.

Do you mind if I ask why there are issues with a K&N? Is this a known issue?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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