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best turbo to use on 01 gsxr 1000

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i have a turbo kit on it no but looking for a better turbo motor has been studed hd valve 0.60 head gasket high pressure oil gear and releafe valve the turbo need to be a t3 flange 3 inlet 2 out let and a 5 bolt ford discharge just dont need nothing but a turbo thank for the help
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thanks for the help what would be the compression i put a 0.60 head gasket in but still stock pistons so how much lower do you think it is then stock thanks
would anybody not he compression with that head gasket in thanks for the help
Off the top of my head,Id say somewhere in the 11:1 area
if your in the states and dont intend on riding it too much, do a 50/50 mix of 100 and 93. it'll save you from detonation, even just drop a quarter to half a gallon in with each tank and tune it on 93.
you guys can buy race gas off the pump over there.
detonation kills everything very quickly.

pistons wont be the issue, greg runs stock pistons on his LSR bikes... conrods however....
Pistons i run have ceramic coating either std if nothing aftermarket is available or in light duty or Wossner and the odd JE if i inherit them in a motor ,
Yeah the 600 rod turned out to be the weak point at over 20 psi , 750 never given trouble
I am assuming you just ceramic coat the top of the pistons. Who does this for you?
Thermal barrier coating , piston sees way less heat , oil stays cooler , less ring expansion .overall gives a better safety margine when pushing the limits
Do you do this yourself, or send your pistons out to have this done commercially? My next rebuild, I would like to try this. :cheers
Send it out , i do enough i dont have to send a note in the box, local company that does them knows what i want does it and returns them in a couple of days
OP, sorry for the threadjack but coming from @Maj750, this was worth googling. I've heard about ceramic coatings / linings over the years but had never actually looked into it.

It's a ceramic PC? Given the rather brutal environment that is the top of a piston, how well does it stand-up to time?

Thermal barrier coating , piston sees way less heat , oil stays cooler , less ring expansion .overall gives a better safety margine when pushing the limits
If it's indeed basically a PC process, with those logical / tangible benefits, I'm surprised it's not more common in any built engine.
What impressed me most was after our fires a couple of yrs ago, my spare race motor was in a wooden floor and wall storage shed with a lot of other flammable stuff like tires, fuel,etc, motor completely gone, hot enough to melt the copper head gasket (just over 1000C) and be left with a pile of valves, inserts, head studs bolts etc and in all that was the ceramic piston tops
here is one i saved
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