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Best Place to Get Plastics Repaired/Painted?

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What's the best place to get plastics repaired and repainted? I scrolled through some of the old threads and the only one I picked up on was Is there anyone else?

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empiregp is another place. He is a member here as well.
i need my left side fairing repainted. do they put oem decals as well or would i have to buy the separately?
id try to find someone local. shipping out plastics is expensive!

search on craigslist, thats how i found my painter. there are always ppl on there looking for extra side work.
Do it yourself ;) Theres some good writeups in the Mods section, I'm getting ready to paint mind before the end of the year if money works out (kinda broke right now)
I've sent stuff to Bob at

He does good work and will replicate the decals that you need.
Bob at empire is great. He repainted my undertail for me and color match is perfect
ANY spray shop will be able to do it for you and should be reasonably cheap to do. Just find a good local place.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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