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Have 02 GSXR-1000 with Stock rotors, calipers and MC, have Braided brake lines and currently running Gold Fren pads.
I have ran EBC HH pads in the past (great initial bite but, they faded quick at the track.)

Wondering what would be the best bang for the buck: (This is for the front brake system)
I ride aggressive back roads here in Germany on Sundays and trackdays when I can.

1. New rotors - if so what type/brand
Wave rotors are not an option - I'm not a Starbucks parking lot kind of guy

2. New calipers - if so what type/brand

3. New MC Brembo 19x18 - or a different size (not too sure of size but, I use 1 finger braking) and would like to keep it that way.

Thanks in advance,
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