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Because many people are new to the biking world, I think its only fair to mention the biking bullshit.....

There follows a BB description, followed by an actual events explanation.

1) "I got my knee down on Ortega highway" I got a new angle grinder from pep-boys, and spent the afternoon grinding my sliders down.

2) "I pulled a second gear stand up past a cop car" I watched CHiP's on the TV last night.

3) "I raced an R1 all the way to San Diego." I saw an advert for an R1 on the TV

4) "I low-sided trying to ride around the inside of a R6" My bike fell off the stand.

5) "My bike fell off the stand" I forgot to put the stand down, and could not stop it falling over.

6) "I had to lay it down" I crashed because I instinctively jumped on the back brake when I needed to slow down.

7) "I highsided at 160mph" After I realised the back brake was locked, I let go of it, and highsided at 10mph.

8) "As I went past the Ferrari, I saw 189mph on the clock" I think you have a nice smile, would you like to go to bed with me ?

9) I met up with my friends, and we ripped up the canyons all morning" I rode as far as Starbucks, drank coffee for an hour, and rode home, carefully".

10) "Yeah these wheels are ex Works" They are stock, I sprayed they orange with a can of paint from Pep Boys.

11) "I'm so fast, I only ride on the track now" - I'm not aware of my surroundings enough, so I am safer on the track, and my mommy worries less.

12) "I'm 16 and I just bought an R1", I'm 14, and I read about an R1 in a magazine last night.

13) "I am mature enough to handle a GSXR1000 as my first bike" - I am an idiot.

Any more questions ?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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