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I was happy with my GSXR1000 K3 in 2010.
Fast, comfortable (I'm a big bloke) and fast (did I say fast already?)
So I traded it in for a Suzuki VZR1800LE K7 (M1800r, M109r)
What was I thinking? :hammer
I liked it because it looked like a drag bike more than a cruiser. And I rode it like one. It turned in (eventually), blasted, sounded cool and was a great bike..... but it wasn't a Gixxer.
Ok, it had Gixxer brakes, USD forks and an 'R' in it's name but that was as far as it went. I bought the Blue and White one because it was Gixxer colours too but after a season or two I needed speed again. I bought a V-Strom DL1000 K6 for serious distance work (over a long journey the VZR was a pain in the butt.... literally).
That was when I realised what had happened.
The V-Strom (only 100BHP) was a fast bike... compared to the VZR.
I could blast it around the streets without thinking about taking the next corner and drifting over to the wrong side of the road. I could just jump on it and fly 150miles without refuelling, get there in a reasonable time, see over the queue of traffic, filter from lane to lane and give myself a buzz.
All the other VZR owners club riders were going for a 'tootle' in the countryside and videoing themselves riding through tunnels???? Ok, so I'm knocking my late 40's now but I wasn't born in the 1940's :scared
It had to go.
The only answer was to get back to where I left off.
I sold it for $???? and bought a GSXR1000 K4 for half that!
Now I'm back to square one. Where I was 3 seasons ago and I'm happy again.
My bike fits me, It's Power Commander'd up, TRE'd, race can'd, tinted screen'd and fast as f**k. :punk.
On top of that I've still got the V-Strom for 2 up touring.

Cruisers? Maybe when I'm 90.
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