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Well it finally happened, i pushed alittle to hard when i should have just chilled out. I was at beaverun and I was on the second session of the day, and had myself a nasty little highside. We got a red flag and sat in hot pit for a good bit due to a lowside in the middle of the track in turn 5 i believe. We went back out for 3-4 laps and on the second lap it happened, i was alittle tight and went too deep. Had to have a severe lean angle to get through the turn, I got on the throttle to early, because for some reason I was pushing harder than I needed to.
The result was losing the rear at about 75 mph, and being tossed up over the bike and sliding for a good bit watching the bike slide towards me. Luckily all i got out of the whole thing was a few bruises and a fractured ankle. Thanks to the teknic suit and boots.
It was a hard lesson to learn, but it will ultimately help me out in the end. It's weird to say but I'm Kinda glad I went down when I did. It's keeping me from doing the wrong thing over and over again. Now I got a 6 weeks in a cast and some time on my hands to either fix my bike or start parting it out. I want to try and get to the last event with WERA MA region. My ankle should be good to go by then so I'm looking for some help here. I have a couple pictures and will get more as i tear the bike down.
There is a dent in the frame on the right side. The slider is bent like hell and I don't believe it bent the motor mount there. Let me know what direction you guys think I should take with this thing.
Thanks and sorry for the story.


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