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Hi guys,

after 9 years without a motorcycle, I finaly bought myself a GSXR-600 again ;-).
It's a GSXR600 L4 with K-tech front cartridges, Ohlins TTX rear shock, De-cat and LeoVince silencer.
The bike is also equiped with a Bazzaz system (ZFI, TC, QS).
It basically is a track bike with modified track fairings for street use (GSXR1000 L8 front light and Triumph 675 rear light).

There are two maps on the Bazzaz unit. The previous owner couldn't tell me exactly what they are for.
He thinks it's a Dry and Wet map. Is there anyone on here who could tell me more with just looking at the fuell maps?

In the comments it says: 08-10 GSXR Enhanced Map and 11-12 GSXR Enhanced Map.

I'm finally having a track weekend on the 30-31th of may. So would love to know more about the mapping that can be found on the bike.

Many thanks in advance!!


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