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Bar end Gone......

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Just as the title of this topic states......clutch side bar end is MIA.....was looking for some bar ends....any suggestions?
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I lost mine as well. Went to a local dealer and ordered the stock. 26 bucks for the entire thing. I'm going with motivation barends later this winter.
That shit happens alot.

+1 on the Motovation bar ends.

When you install the new ones, use some Loctite and make it part of your pre-riding routine to make sure they are tight.
Motivation Bar ends are the Shit... Worth every penny...
I think I know why. There's a rubber grommet inside that needs to get squished so the sides press against the inside of the handle bar tube. If you screw the bar end screw all the way in it still does't get squished enough to keep it in place. I bought the Motivation bar ends and still had the problem.

The fix is to take 3 metal washers and put it on the end where the rubber grommet touches the bar end. She'll tighen up real good and shouldn't fall off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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