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This one is intended more for the person giving the advice, or passing along their knowledge to newer riders: Don't point them at a wall.
Ha! Totally. Now another thing about teaching new riders to of my biggest pet peeves is that people will teach the newby to roll on the throttle but not how to roll OFF the gas. I teach a lot of kids to ride, as young as age 4 and the thing I always start with is teaching them to roll ON the gas and then roll OFF the gas. I have them sit on the bike statically and have them roll on and off, then do it without looking at the throttle. Then I start the bike and have them roll on and then off and listen to the sound of the bike and then have them hold it steady as if they were moving and make sure that when I say ROLL OFF they know instinctively what to do. Then I usually sit on the back of the bike with them and have them demonstrate rolling on and off while moving so that I can take over if necessary. Sometimes kids (and adults) go directly to full throttle or roll on too much and in that case I have them put their hand on top of mine to feel how little throttle it takes to engage the bike and start it moving. Once I trust that they can roll on smoothly and roll OFF I let them ride towards me just practicing rolling on slightly and then rolling OFF- this is before I even add in the brakes or telling them anything else about riding. One thing at a time....roll on...roll off...and then move on from there.

I see so many people teaching people, ok just get on the bike and roll on the gas to make it go, use the brakes to make it stop and the rider panics, whacks open the gas freaks out and tries to brake with the gas pinned....and...they crash into a wall or tree or something and never want to get on a bike again. :facepalm:facepalm
121 - 123 of 123 Posts
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