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Hey guys Hope everyones winter has been short or non existent. I am really looking forward to getting back on the bike.
So i just had a few questions about the autotuner. I have purchased and installed everything on my bike last year but havent really messed much with the tuning besides installing a premade map from the dynojet website.
So i just want to learn a little more about what i payed so much money for and tweak it how i want for when i want.
Ive watched some videos and downloaded them for future reference and want to bounce a few things off you guys.

First thing would be the "target afr", And i want to know about changing this in the low rpm/throttle ranges.
Basically want to know If by changing these numbers for idle, would that correct the idle even if there is no noticeable need for it?

If starting from a base 0 map,Should I adjusting the max enrichment/enleanment to max % ?
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