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Discussion Starter #1 (Edited by Moderator) will be going thru some layout/visual changes in the next month or so. Nothing is set in stone yet....

However,we are designing a new homepage banner and would like to use members bikes instead of pics floating around on the web.

The specifics have not yet been decided,nor have the rules. It may be a poll where all of you can vote or even nominate someones bike. It MUST be a members bike and you MUST be able to verify it's yours.

We would like to represent different generations of GSXR's and will be limiting the number of bikes to 4-6 total.

The pics MUST be clear,and hi-res or will be rejected. No stupid shit either..such as Oldfarts dick-tanks and dick-wheels...although those always make us laugh

This post will also be modified/edited as the staff see's fit.

OK,that being said...who has the sweetest most mint GSXR on this forum??? Lets see those pics everyone!!!

This contest is only open to site supporters, so go get your Red R ASAP!!!

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I like the idea of using members bikes, but as members and their bikes change so often, I think it would lose something pretty quick.

Just a suggestion, but why not create a banner using all the GSX-R models? There are plenty of studio quality pics of each one. Use the 750 to keep consistent, but have an 1985 on the right and the current model on the left. Just make the current model on the left slightly more prominent. Just an idea.
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