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I've graduated from the back seat to the front seat and My hubs is requiring *insert eye roll* that I get reinforced/armored pants. As I'm sure everyone is aware...ladies options are limited and quite frankly expensive if you don't want to look like you're wearing your guys pants. As luck would have it, I'm wicked good with a sewing machine. I'm asking in here cause the guys (if they are all like my husband) wouldn't understand why I can't wear the same pair of pants everyday...
So my question is
Kevlar Fabric vs. Carbon Fiber Fabric vs. Kevlar-Carbon Hybrid Fabric?

Anyone have an idea or opinion on which of the 3 are better? I'm attempting to make something that will go over my regular pants along the lines of an armored shell skeleton, to prevent wardrobe changes every morning when I get to work and well summer time gets hot in the South I don't want to boil myself alive with leather, full overpants, or 4,000 inch thick cheap fugly pants.
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