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ape cam tensioner

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earlier this year, I installed a cam tensioner, this is the third time in less than 1500 miles I am adjusting it.. whenI check to see if the nut and bolt are tight, they are... so what I do is loosen the nut, and fiinger tight the bolt untill the ticking stops, then I lock down... whats causing this to do this so often???
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I dont have one but I know how they operate, maybe you have to put a bit more tension on it, more than just finger-tight? Try finger tight then a 1/4 turn with a spanner and lock it off there. See how that goes.
Maybe you're putting too much tension on the chain. While the chain shouldn't make any ticking noises, it's normal for the valve train. Pull off the valve cover and look to see how much slack the chain has. Check it in various places too, because like the drive chain, they don't stretch evenly.
I dont see how finger tight could be too much tension?? The springs in the stock tensioner are pretty damn stiff. You should be trying to roughly equal that amount of tension with the after market tensioner.

It sounds like its not being done up tight enough, then settling over the next 1500 miles and becoming loose again.

The other thing is you could have a screwed chain? In which case no amount of adjustment is going to make it right - it'll always have loose and tight spots. And you'd be needing a new chain.
I am going to try this again, i'll do the finger tight, when I say finger tight, it turn it till I just begin to feel tension, then I tighten about an 1/8 turn..

I may be wrong when I say, ticking... it's definetley the chain making this noise.... I think I am being to cautious on over tightning it to much....

I am hoping it's not the chain, the bike has 17,000 miles....
hope you sort the a.p.e setup .. ok
i am have loads of sh*t with the standard tensioner & was thinking of going to a A.P.E its been doing may head in for about a week now..

you can find my threads in the 04 - 05 GSXR models page on this site

look under sabbath.. cheers...
If your cam chain is bad that could be the problem. Too tight adjustment on manual tensioner is not good for chain either.:cheers
You might want to inspect the slippers for wear as well.
They are know to wear/crack and sometimes shatter.
I dont think timing chains develope tight spots like drive chains, as they are always bathed in oil.
They do stretch and thats the purpose of the tenioner to begin with.
OMG... :eek I cant believe that you even dare riding it with fingertight camchain load.

What you should do is, take your Service manual for your bike, and go through the procedure for correct camchain tension/ timing.

As i recall it, you have to measure the load on the camchain, on the section that is between the two Camshaft sprockets. (Thats the top of the engine), so you have to take off the Camshaft cover inorder to adjust to the correct tension.
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