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anyone played with the new garrett G series or borg warner EFRs?

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as the title states... just wondering if anyones played around with either of these turbos...
the G series seem to be capable of an insane amount of power.
saw a back to back vid against a gen2 gtx3071 vs g25-550 and they litterally made almost identical power, with the g25-550 spooling 900rpm quicker, and nosing over up top about 7000rpm (on a sr20) with no intake temp increases etc.
these little things are flowing insane amounts!

efrs have been around for ages, but they still intrigue me a bit... their spool characteristics are amazing. don't know if you could fit one on a bike or not though.
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Old post, but I just seen it.

I like the Garrett's but all seem to need water except for the journal bearing GTW's which the smallest seems to be a GTW3476, quite a big turbo for 1L even if you rev it to 14,000.

EFR is good too, but also seem to work best with water, even though they claim the iron cores don't 'require' water cooling, not sure how comfortable I'd be using that turbo with the water lines blanked out...

The reason why I say this, I would hate to think of the logistics on getting water cooling for a turbo on GSXR 1000 street bike without doing major work for it fit right.

I'm interested in the SX-E lineup from Borg Warner, and how that'd go, if anyone has information, please let me know.
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