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Anyone from Idaho

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Where at in ID? Iive 20 min from CDA ID.
I am in Grand View, south of Mt. Home.....kinda sucks. Not only am I the only white bike in town, its the only bike in town. And the sherriff knows who I am. Kinda hard to get away with anything....
Hey All, I want to start a Bike night in Boise on wed or thurs nights. I was thinking Hawkin's Pac out on Hill and Harrison, Going to talk to them on monday.

Let me know if you have any Ideas or sugestions
I rode out to Horsehoe bend last weekend and then back down towards Boise through Idaho City. We had a blast except for a few spots of rain. Saw a few deer that I almost hit and still at bit of snow at the top of the mountain. I can't wait until this rain clears up.

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I'm originally from east Idaho area (Pocatello-Idaho Falls).
first good weekend to ride! temp on sat is about 75 degrees! we will be riding all day, just don't know where. sometimes we can get up to 12 guys or more riding.
if you wanna hook up....holla!
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I just went on the loop through Idaho city last weekend, two choppers bit in the corner right outside of Banks. I live in Nampa.
that sucks. hopefully their alright. i am thinking about driving up to silver city, the thing is is i can't seem to find anyone to ride with me! and not just there, but even in town.
it's not like i have a little bike, it's actually to big for me
(gsxr 750)
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I ride almost every day. I ride a blk/grey k5. I second the bike night idea. Anyone wanting to go for a ride just holla, or if you see me you can always try to catch me. lol
I'm looking to go for a ride on Memorial Day, anyone interested?
Ive got Family in ID... the in-laws are harley riders in Meridian and my best friends family is in Nampa... Ill be up there alot this summer if anyone ever wants to meet up im sure i'll be able to use a break from my crusin inlaws!!
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