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Anyone do tappets often got an opinion?

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Just did tappets on a (new to me) k8 600 I’m bringing back up to snuff.

Curious if anyone who’s done tappets alot could say if this is fairly normal with out of range?

Maybe one of you gents who do this stuff routinely or run shops might have a notion of something I should dig into deeper?

Clocks claim 40k miles, previous owner did no service/maint and only ran it in short bursts on their own property. Owner before that unknown. So history of the bike essentially unknown cept neglected.

Did the task, got them all in spec and tossed a mcct in. It just seemed odd from what I’m used to seeing on my srads.

Maybe last person who did shims did it poorly or didn't own a caliper 🤷🏻‍♂️. Or maybe I should have tried to clean the carbon off the valves before doing the task. Exhaust gaskets definitely had a few leaks (now properly replaced). Would a few exhaust leaks do it?

At anycase, anyones 2 cents welcomed.
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Exhaust side tightening up is pretty normal. Looks like you only had 4 out of spec, but not horribly. I'd say correct and never worry about it.
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It's not a big deal but FYI, Suzuki (and Honda) make the shims in .025 mm increments. Those pn's end in 2 and 8, ex. 12892-05C00-128. The full listing is in the RM-Z250 and related fiches.
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Thanks guys, appreciated 🍻.
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