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Anybody know this bike?

Been looking at a 91 red and black GSXR-1100 on Craigslist Indianapolis. it has been on there off and on for at least a year and I tried getting in touch with the seller several times but never heard anything back. So I tried again several times this week and the guy finally responds. Am thinking about driving up to have a look but it seems a little sketchy...

It's a nice looking bike, stock body work, polished wheels and a V&H pipe. The add says it's been sitting for 2 years and he said it needs various understandable "old bike" repairs. But he also said that the stock body set is in great shape and the frame has never been polished. He's asking $2700 for it but right after I got off the phone with him, he took the add down.

Anybody else seen this add?
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