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Any riders in The Netherlands?

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Sup everyone. Just moved here and looking for some riders. Unfortunately my bike doesn't get here till late Aug, so I'm planning ahead. I see most riders here go full suit; even to a child's school graduation!.....Hardcore! :punk lol. Haven't seen much shops out here. If I could get so e recommendations that would be awesome! Currently living in Uden looking for homes (North Brabant area). Thanks in advance.
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Yes sir, living in The Hague myself. I'm not very knowledgeable about shops in your area, but you could ask around at
Welcome to the Netherlands and enjoy our mostly flat, straight and boring roads with sometimes insane variations in speed limits (some highways have 80/100/120/130km/h in a span of just a few km's). Luckily Germany / the Eiffel is close by you and a very good riding area.
Thanks man! I think you forgot to mention the roundabouts! lol. Looking forward to doing some trackdays as well here. I'll check out that forum. Again, thanks for the info.
Thanks man! Looks like Mettet would somewhat be the closest spot for me for a trackday. However, I don't foresee my bike getting here til early September and then getting it transferred and registered to ride here might take a few weeks. Looks like I may have to explore Europe first if anything. Thanks again for the the tips and links. If you ever decide to hit the track again or make or down here to the Eindhoven area in late September, hit me up.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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