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Any good tutorial posts on pinstriping the wheels

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I saw some pics, I like the wheel pinstriping look. What brand and what material are they? Where to get it ,as well as a "how to" on applying it in a perfect circle without removing the wheels. Thanks
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This is the stuff I just used last weekend. $3.99 for 25ft. at Autozone. As far as putting in on, gotta go in sections and go reeeeeeaaaaal slow.

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Hey Midge, where is your exhaust anchored? Did you chop the hanger out, or is it bolted to something else? The only thing I can see is that you might have attached it to your hugger, but that doesn't seem to secure.
Or do you just not have the passenger pegs (like your sig) attached for this pic?
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He has the pegs off the bike to be powdercoated in the pic, so it does look a little weird.

Yea both the passenger pegs and the rearsets are off getting powdercoated.
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