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Another New Gixxer Owner from Australia

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G'day from Down Under!

Firstly, I think a bit of a backstory is in order... If you're not interested; skip to after the photos. If you are interested; I appreciate your time!

I've been an avid dirt bike rider since I was 5 (I'm only 26) and as soon as I turned 18 I bought a '13 CBR250R. After 12 months on that little mosquito I upgraded to an '05 CBR600RR and rode that for a few years until my mates sold their bikes and it became just a commuter so I sold it soon afterwards... 3 years later the bike bug bit again and I ended up with an '03 SV650 which I bought as a wreck and repaired back to a rideable status and it is now sitting in the garage undergoing a K3 GSX-R1000 front end swap. However, after commuting on the SV for a while the supersport craving slowly overcame me and I ended up with this little critter!

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system

I visited the local Suzuki/Yamaha dealership for a test ride on the new YZF-R7 one day when I had some time to kill and I thought the R7 was nimble and the torque was a lot of fun but when the salesman offered me this brand new 2021 GSX-R750 for the same price as a new R7, I couldn't sign the paperwork quick enough!

So far I have ordered Stomp Grip (side and centre pads), Woodcraft rear spools, Woodcraft frame sliders, ProGrip 724's, rear seat cowl, Hotbodies Tag fender eliminator and a SpeedoDRD. Next on the list once I decide on a brand and colour (fussy... I know!) are braided brake lines, shorty levers and a radiator guard.

Sorry for the long post, but I thought if I'm doing an introduction I might as well keep it informative.
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