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i did this nice wheeley on a not rain night long ago, it feels like! And when i came down the front bottomed out and i hooked the header on the pavement sparks everywhere!

Well i get home and no damage but a small scuff phfewwwwwww not this bike please!

Anyway i did not think the previous owners weight was most likely alot lighter than me?

Not familiar with the fork settings and have no manual guide or anything HELP!

Need to stiffin the boys up at the front

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What the fuck Jimmy do you have a friggin RR or not man where are the pics, I got my manuel handy, it doesn't cover the RR but it does have the 91 up in they had the upside down forks here are the factory settings for both standard and usd
standard fork:
Front spring preload
soft 5
standard 4
hard 3
damping force
soft 8
standard 5
hard 2
USD fork:
91 up
spring preload
medium 7
standard 4
maximum 1
rebound damping
softer: turn clock wise
standard 3
harder turn counter clock wise.
hope this helped

and if you do have an RR then you should just sell it to me

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Try on thier site you can enter your weight, bike model and riding style and they will give you the proper settings for your bike. Of course they give you the proper spring rate if you need new springs for your weight (99.00) the gold valve P/N (but the settings work without them) for the front and rear. I have found them to be right on 99.9% of the time. give them a try.
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