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Originally posted by Yosh:
Do you think that 150 is not possible out of a 750?
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">I never said it wasn't possible. In fact that is a desirable and attainable number...with big carbs, correct cams, timing, jetting...and a little NITROUS!!!

Ahh...but then there's reality.

I got the gixxer back the other day...and it works

But first some numbers!

Lowest guess was...Skidmark at 98.2rwhp

Highest was...Yosh at 150rwhp (on nitrous and a lot of boost I suspect)

But the One that was on the head...not the closest...he got it right...was...

Jon no "h"
at a PROPERLY jetted RWHP of 115.3

Thanks to everyone for being patient while I've endured "minor" delays...

Anyone interested in seeing it up close can be at Road America on the 9th.

Have a good ride everyone!!

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Congrats to Jon...

and big FAT congrats to you Simon! I know you can't wait to actually put some miles and smiles on that thing... somehow makes all the head-banging seem worth it once you get the wind in your face and the throttle open, huh?
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