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already started for the 04 TT races........

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here we go again, getting ready for the 04 TT races, may even fit the Scarborough road races in if we are lucky

the frame on the F1 GSXR 1000 has been down to Spondon for fixing and yes it was bent. not a lot out, but enough so that the wheels were not tracking true. The headstock has been cut off and rewelded back on with extra bracing

we now also have the spondon strengthened swingarm, with quick release wheel fitments. what a work of art. i cannot wait to get some pics and show you guys, digi camera still on the blink, hopefully will get the new one by saturday.

it makes the harris swingarm look VERY ordinary by comparison.

we start rebuilding the bike at the weekend, currently negotiating to get a quickshifter at the right money, will let you guys know more in due course.

i have plenty of action pics to post as well, from some of the pro photo people around the course, hopefully get these scanned and loaded by the weekend
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way to go
keep up the good work and would like to see some pic of the bad boy
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