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All your engine questions here......

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You guys have a bunch of good questions on this forum, but they are spread out. I thought we could put together a thread to consolidate them all.

We are a professional race shop/engine shop that specializes in GSXR motors. We build race motors for Roadracing, dragracing, flat track, street, and SCCA D/C Sportsracers. We also run a 2 rider Pro AMA Roadrace team.

So...if you have any engine building questions what so ever, post them here and I will try to answer them.
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Hi there,
I have a gsxr1000k6 turbo`d which as i don`t know anyone this side of the pond who has one i`m having a few issue`s with it, firstly on low boost 6 to 8 psi what is the SAFE maximum comp ratio to run, question two do i need an ignition retard module for this sort of boost, and question three are the injectors sufficant for fueling this amount of boost without running lean at the moment its running the standard ecu with mapped piggy back power commander usb3 and i really don`t fancy melting the top end again, thanks for your time hope you can help me
1 - 1 of 417 Posts
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