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All your engine questions here......

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You guys have a bunch of good questions on this forum, but they are spread out. I thought we could put together a thread to consolidate them all.

We are a professional race shop/engine shop that specializes in GSXR motors. We build race motors for Roadracing, dragracing, flat track, street, and SCCA D/C Sportsracers. We also run a 2 rider Pro AMA Roadrace team.

So...if you have any engine building questions what so ever, post them here and I will try to answer them.
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i have an 08 600, with a full yosh exhaust, pcIII, k&n race filter......i wanna build it up all motor....what are my options and price for each? and i dont wanna hear everyones BS about buy a 750 or 1000...i love my 600 and wanna make it the most badass one around
1 - 1 of 417 Posts
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