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All your engine questions here......

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You guys have a bunch of good questions on this forum, but they are spread out. I thought we could put together a thread to consolidate them all.

We are a professional race shop/engine shop that specializes in GSXR motors. We build race motors for Roadracing, dragracing, flat track, street, and SCCA D/C Sportsracers. We also run a 2 rider Pro AMA Roadrace team.

So...if you have any engine building questions what so ever, post them here and I will try to answer them.
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ok hi everyone I'm new to the site and not really familiar with bikes as far as motor swaps ETC. I just bought an 02 GSXR 1000 with 4k on it. the first day i bought the bike I got on the highway doing wheelies and I held up one for a about a mile I'd say and the next thing you know I spun a bearing. so what i did was went and bought an 06 1000 engine with 1500 miles on it that came with everything such as ECU, harness, cluster etc.. pretty much everything to start the motor. I had been told that the 06 1000 motor fits in the 01, 02 frame with a lil moddification so i wanted to get the best answer possible from one of you that really knows about this set up. please tell me what exactly need to be done and if i need any more parts. thanks alot
1 - 1 of 417 Posts
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