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I have a 2006 GSXR 600

I had it put on the dyno today, to make sure my fuel pump is running properly.

HP: 98.11

My mechanic is telling me my bike is running LEAN. He claims to not ride my bike because it will kill the engine . Dramatic you think???? Is it that bad?

I have been riding my bike and it sounds great and rides awesome!

My air/fuel ratio is at 14-14.7:1 Is that really that bad? Once it reached 100mph plus on the dyno, air/fuel ratio was 14:1.

Please help a squid out

Thank you!

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14.7:1 is stoichiometric, i.e. neither lean nor rich. Anything below that is rich, so 14:1 is slightly rich. Not sure why anyone would say the engine is running lean, assuming those figures are correct and that they're typical, i.e. the engine is always running at AFRs near those (not running lean at part throttle perhaps, or something similar).

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Lean is mean!!!! :woohoo

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It is not horrible and would be perfect for low load cruising. But for best power look around 13 at big throttle opening . Go ahead and ride it,just don't beat on it.
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