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Air Box PITA

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Hi All,
Am I the only one who has trouble getting the airbox on my carbs (96 GSXR750)?
I have the boots installed in the air box and am trying to slip them over the carbs. Is it easier to secure them to the carbs then try to wrangle them into the air box?
I have deleted air boxes successfully on all other bikes, but I've read that'd be too much trouble on the GSXR.
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Make sure the rubber trumpets are correctly aligned in the airbox, if they're not it can be a devil of a job, get them positioned right and it's much easier. I always remove the filter when replacing the airbox so I can feel inside the trumpets to make sure they're fully home. Remove the box and you'd lose the ram air effect (the SRAD bit).
Ok, thanks. I have been doing that. It seems either the two in the middle go on, or one of the ends, but try to tighten one down and off go the others...
I figured the air box would have to stay. Practice makes perfect, I guess...
Thanks for taking the time to chime kn!
Usually once ya got it rite, they go on and off alot easier. But that first time after pulling the boots can be a bugger sometimes.

I usually work them from one side to the other, ensure clamps are super loose. Similar fight when reinstalling a rack thats been off for awhile. Just be gentle with a tiny bit if downward force, if needed pull the rubbers more open till they show signs of being able to rock in to seating.

As for eliminating it, Philip (Wurzel) has a kit airbox that’ll fit the oem tank. And there are air trays but can be a hassle to seal. Could point you in those dirrections if its a interest.
they spin in the air box holes, orient them properly they are at a slight angle, also the box can warp slightly putting them out of shape as well spin em to line up better it this happens, rub a lil' Vaseline in the boots, helps em slip over carbs and create a good seal ..

the next time they get hot, then cool on the carbs a few heat cycles they will go on and off easier.. when you take it off hot then cool on the bench boots are a lil' tougher to go back on
Philip (Wurzel) has a kit airbox that’ll fit the oem tank.

Wurzel where he been? last I saw a video he was hanging shower nozzles on a rack above his throttle bodies and had a laptop controlling them.. few years back now don't see him much anymore, his SRAD is sweet no jokes one of the nicest in the world, his and the build going on right now, the bitsa bike... :oops:

man I wish, I have a perfect candidate for a build like the recent bitsa build but man how much that cost must be upwards of $10k at this point, then if you did a Wurzel engine? holy smokes, tell ya what if I had a machine shop tho I would make my own parts, billet lower fork radial caliper carriers, real radial carrier, billet perches, a nice billet 3 piece stay that holds clocks and mirrors..

the works.. id makes bolts out of Ti, everything I could out of Ti, axles, nuts, washers, for wheels and swing arms, engine mount bolts, old boy taught me how to use an auto lathe wen I was about 20, this dood made RC engines, from top to bottom, he had a nice massive lathe in his basement, all your other metal tools, no CNC back then but he had a foundry so he cast all the cases, I am sure had CNC been in the thing he would have had one but he made all sizes, one was a 25cc .. amazing, he waked me thru his entire process top to bottom I remember most of it I spose..

I stopped hanging out with him and my buddy said he went down I-5 the wrong way and killed himself, I do remember he would get funny at times, he'd say odd stuff like "hey you're the guy who brings me the pellets how ya been?" I mean after we been working a few hours just out of the blue, he'd forget what he was doing and just go upstairs.. real sad, this happened several times a few times I came over and I was told he isn't in any shape to go down to the shop, felt bad for the guy, the look in his eyes the blank stare at the time I had no idea what was going on I just knew something was wrong, Docs had no idea, so they left hi to his own devices.. I think he knew he had a serious issue so when he was clear he decided to end it, hit a kenworth double sleeper head on and that was that, truck driver survived said he swerved into him off the trouble lane nothing he could do, the old boy had an airplane out in Darrington my buddy would go fly now and again.. oddly enough his home in darrington where the run way and pane was is right where that massive Oso landslide hit bout 8 years ago...insane

anywho I can work tools, I can learn and program CNC I dabbled in the code some ion the early 90's when it was hitting the scene, I just never had one but for sure i can learn it, I already know how to run several 3d programs, soft image, light wave, Maya so forth and have extensive knowledge of Linux be ncie to have a smaller one and a lathe, make some nice one off parts, get real good then maybe build a nice brand new superbike or two find a good rider and give it a go
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You must be close by to me, relatively. I never landed at Darrington, never made it to an airshow there, either. I think they stopped holding it.
Sorry to hear about your friend. His exit seems better than playing bingo and having someone clean up after you, although I feel bad for the truck driver.
Let me ask about the boots to box: are they inserted at just the tip or to the next groove? If I insert just the top, they are snug. If I push them through to the next groove they slop around a bit but seal when you push down on them. Doing the latter I can get them all to slide over the carbs. But when I tighten the clamps the boots slide up and #!&¥§!!!
When doing up the clamps with one hand, use a long flathead screwdriver in your other hand to hold the clamp and prevent it from slipping up the boot.
Work around the clamp with the flathead screwdriver as you go, take your time, you'll get it.

Doing the latter I can get them all to slide over the carbs. But when I tighten the clamps the boots slide up and #!&¥§!!!
Thanks Askor. I had similar issues with a Honda and solved it the same way. I'll get it, one way or the other....
Somethin to consider, pull the boots, install them alone on the carbs, let um sit over night to settle. Then toss um into the airbox and work them on knowing they atleast fit the carbs once ya get them to rest proper. Give them a little hot air from a airgun if its truely an all out war…

As for them sliding off when you tighten them. Are you sure you got them properly seated fully front and rear? If so… Are your clamps deformed? Might try flipping the clamps around so they pinch instead of squish and slide. Beyond that, maybe just lightly/firmly rest your spare hand on the top of the box when you tighten them… fwiw too, they dont need to be super snug, just tight enough they dont spin when you push them, suckers wont pop off anyway when only snug enough that the clamps wont rotate when pushed. Roughly a 1/2ish more turn of the philips beyond the point when you dont need to use a second hand to keep the bracket in position. Just push it a tat with the philips , if it slides/rotates, its too loose, if it doesnt move, then its tight enough.
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