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Aftermarket OEM headers

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I'm guessing the OEM headers aren't gonna last forever (in 59000 miles on my K6 750 I replaced them once and had to replace it again if I had kept her)
So I'm trying to find replacements for when that time comes
Current mileage is at 20K and they don't look that good anymore
Not that I'm expecting these to rust through (yes I know they are TI, so these don't 'rust') but like with the 750, I'm expecting the little balance pipe between #2 and #3 to break loose over time

Now I'm not looking for racing headers, this so I keep some of that low end power, keep my Yoshi TRS and that I can put on the OEM muffler were I take it to the track
(They're pretty anal about noise here, even OEM Gixxers can get black flagged here on Assen and Zandvoort at times)

So far all I found is

Does anyone know of any others?
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A month ago I was grumbling about many of the K5/K6 fuel tanks being discontinued. I now see that the exhaust pipe is gone too. You might keep an eye out on ebay for a good used system. Webike offers titanium systems by Tsukigi Racing. As it's built to order, you might be able to get some customization. I'd expect the noise level to be more associated with the muffler than the exhaust pipe.
If you know a fabricator you might be able to find a used OEM exhaust and pay him fix the dings.
^I've seen that many times but don't claim to understand it. Titanium discolors from getting hot as does stainless. This appears to be thicker and seems to be more like baked on road grit. But I plead ignorance. The header in your pic might be missing that goofy strap between the #2 & #3 pipes. It's mounted by a bolt with a welded nut. I got fed up with it getting covered by oil during filter changes so I cut the bolt off and replaced it with a titanium bolt & locknut.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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